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CABINS AND COOKIES was founded in 1996 by Vic Zimmerman. It started out as tiny shack selling cookies, and a couple cabins for rent. Business grew, and we started selling small pizzas, baked right in the cookie oven.

The Aspen Fire in 2003 started in Marshall Gulch and quickly swept up to Summerhaven at the top of the mountain. Our original building and properties were all destroyed.

We rebuilt the cabin by 2004, and changed the name to the Mt. LEMMON COOKIE CABIN. Our new kitchen is twice as big, and so our menu expanded, too! Full size pizzas, and even bigger cookies (obviously).

With the entire menu redone to include items made from scratch, from cookie dough to pizza dough and everything in between, we hope you'll come visit us up on the mountaintop soon!

Old Cabin Snow.jpg
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